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Digital Collage combining traditional illustration techniques with new media…

I am always trying to ‘catch up’ with developments in software and especially ones designed for digital image manipulation. A recent project afforded me a little time to experiment with some such new software and develop a range of illustration proposals informed by my favourite traditional printing methods.

The resulting layered work applies a range of found imagery and combines it with digitised hand made drawing and mark making.

Shahid Mahmood


Mixed digital media composition – Illustration Portraits of Muhammad and AliFela Kuti.

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A Passion for Paper – new work on old paper…

I am always on the ‘look out’ for old publications containing interesting type and typography. These are employed as part of my mixed media collage work. The resulting juxtapositions afford the reader and interesting interplay between the ‘hand made’ mark, the historical letterforms and the actual written narrative – the process slows the reading down a little but makes for a very visually dynamic page layout.

Shahid Mahmood

Mixed media / collage – The Wolf and the Crane.

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101 Things to do outside

Created all illustrations and designed the layouts for this childrens book book published by Weldon Owen publishers

Dire Predictions

Update of book for Pearson and Dorling Kindersley for the IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Worked as part of a team of designers to update this title. Redesigned spreads and created artworks and charts/graphs for evaluating Scientific data. 2015

Weldon Owen Publishers

Illustrations and Design for a children's craft book. I was commissioned by the Art Director to create a bright and colourful selection of spreads for presentation purposes. The step-by-step illustrations had to bright and functional and the overall design needed to also work as a practical book which helped children to be creative and explore different techniques.

Explore Guides

Created a new travel guide series which incorporated existing editorial content with a mix of new commissioned photography. These stylish new guides are one of the travel industries best sellers. Published by Insight Guides

Travel: Where to Go When

Travel: Where to Go When is the ultimate holiday planner, highlighting the world’s most spectacular places and the best time to visit them. I was the Art Editor on this award winning title.

Human book

Published by DK

Weldon Owen Illustrations

Step by Step Illustrations for Owen Weldon Publishers. Fast Facts and Knit Stitch book

Cover Designs

Various cover designs for different publishers

Internal spreads

Pages designed for various books


Various marketing material for Insight Guides and Berlitz

Amnesty International

Designs for Amnesty International Including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Logo

Chrysalis Books

Historical Nordic Illustrations for a Book for Chrysalis books

Children's Fables book

A few spreads from a retold fables words and illustrations book

DK Education

A selection of Illustrations produced for DK Educations and Scot Foresman Publishers

Exhibition artworks

Artworks for an exhibition. Illustration Portraits of Fela Kuti and "The Greatest boxing" promotional posters